Friday, October 31, 2008

I Wish I Could Ask God, Why????

By now, you have heard of the tragedy that has befallen entertainer, Jennifer Hudson.
In case you were living underground for the past week or so, Jennifer Hudson of "Dreamgirls" and "American Idol" fame had to identify the bodies of her mother, brother, and most recently her 7yr old nephew as they were gunned down in cold blood.
Jennifer's brother-in-law William Balfour, her older sister Julia's husband, is suspected of the killings.
(entertainer, Jennifer Hudson)
will balfour
(suspect William Balfour),,6319275,00.jpg
(Jennifer's nephew Julian King,7 (killed), and Jennifer Hudson)

(above Jason Hudson (brother-killed), and Darnel Donnerson (mother-killed)

(l-r) Jennifer, mother-Darnel, and sister Julia

Julia Hudson, sister of actress Jennifer Hudson, left, and Greg King plead for the safe return of their son Julian King who was abducted from the Hudson family home where the sisters' mother and brother were found dead in Chicago, Saturday Oct. 25, 2008. [AP]

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I wish I could ask God, why?
Why would you allow this man to kill this family, incl a 7yr old boy?
Why is it (to me) Lord, that it seems the good people die and the bad people thrive?
What lesson are u trying to teach Jennifer, and u cudn't teach it to her another way?
How can she go on, Lord, when 3/4 of her family were killed in less than a week??
I don't know if I could ( or would) want to recover from a tragedy like that. And I don't think i could ever forgive you, Lord...because YOU HADN'T STOPPED IT. I hope u understand where I'm coming from God.

What do you wish YOU could ask God??


RE Ausetkmt said...

so very very sad. my prayers are with her, for a peaceful recollection of herself.

she really needs a friend at a time like this.

greg said...

Check out blood sacrafices on youtube Sis. u may b enlightened