Friday, October 24, 2008

I Wish I Could Quit My Job...

I wish I could be like Johnny Paycheck and tell my manager, "Take this job and SHOVVVVVE it, I ain't workin' here no mo."
I wish she'd call my name, ride me about some 'mistake' I made and while she's sounding like Charlie Brown's teacher...unintelligible. I'd tell her to 'shut up.'
I'd tell her to shut up and now she and everyone in my office to 'listen up.'
I'd then say I'M DONE.
No more bureaucratic crap.
No more petty, ghetto, office backstabbing.
No more being unhappy that I have to come here
No more looking at you all (most of the employees, anyway)pitiful stupid faces.
I'm out.
And as far as I'm concerned YOU CAN TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT SOOOOO DEEP UP UR AZZ, You'd have to be split open just to retract the job.
I work for a Fortune 500 corporation that could give a rip about its employees, therefore it's up to us to care for ourselves. Living in MI where the employment climate is dismal doesn't afford many opportunities. However, once my son graduates from h.s. in '09, I'll be able to seek employment out of state!
So for now I can only MENTALLY tell my employer to
But I can't wait until the day comes to fruition! lol

Do you wish you could quit your job? What would you say??


rashbre said...

tee hee. Here via the wonder of black box. Very entertaining - I'll taka a look around!

Believer 1964 said...

I absolutely love the theme of this blog. It’s officially on the blogroll.

Think twice about telling them what you really think when it's time for you to go. I wouldn’t burn any bridges; you'll need them as a reference down the line. Besides, you never know when you may be in contact with these folks in another capacity. Cool your jets and get your rant on here in blogsville!

Champagne Wishes said...

Hi Rash! I've been to ur blog as well :)

@Believer-awesome!! As far as the job...I can allllwayyyys dream!! lol