Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Wish I Could Talk To My Loved Ones Again...

I wish I could speak to:
  • My grandmother.  I'd tell her I'm not mad at her for being shaped like her, and for getting those pesky whisker hairs on my chin like she had.  I'd wear a beard, if I knew I could have one more day with her.
  • My aunt.  Your passing shocked everyone. You died so young (49).  It's almost 10yrs since you've left, and I wish you were here cuz the family has never been the same, esp. your kids. Your oldest grandchild is making you a great-grandmother and Ash's doing wonderful.  I told her that baby better have your name somewhere on that birth certificate!  It wasn't until u were gone that I realized you were my best friend...I'm sorry.
  • My grandfather. Papa, u were such a quiet soul.  If you were here, I'd glean as much wisdom from you as I possibly could.  I'd make you laugh more, talk to me more...til the point you'd pray for death!! lol  I love you and thank you for being a great male role model for me.
  • My cousin.  It took awhile for me to come to terms with your death, because not only did u die in ur 20's, but I didn't want to believe u were that sick.  U had the prettiest legs I had ever seen, and u were a male!! lol  I remember how rambunctious you were as a little and even as a young man, you had presence.  Your folks are doing well.  Your mother's strength is amazing :)
what relative (s) do you wish you could talk to again??


Mz.Bria2U said...

I'd tell my friends MaryAnne/Gwendolyn they didn't have to kill thmselves...they could've talked to me. How could I help u, if I'm not afford the opportunity??

Believer 1964 said...

I never have talked with my father, but that's my choice.

Champagne Wishes said...

Hi Believer!
Do u want to speak to him? just curious