Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Wish I Was in 12th grade again ...

If I could, I would do my 12th grade year in high school over, for several reasons:
  • I would've told Mrs. Harrison, I did complete the required hours in Voc Ed and I would've had all A's on my final report card, instead of 4 A's and 2 F's
  • I would've taken the English I failed in 11th grade (I ditched class bcuz the teacher bored me), in summer school instead of Creative Writing...wth??
  • I would've prepared for College life instead of listening to Jehovah's Witnesses telling me the world would come to an end by the time I graduate high school...smh
  • I'd probably be further ahead in my goals then I am now.
what would you do over in high school??


Mz.Bria2U said...

I would've been more involved in school extracurricular activities.

Believer 1964 said...

There was one shinning moment for me in high school, I asked my mom if I could switch to an all girls Catholic school from a laid-back public school in the middle of my sophomore year. The best decision I made as a teenager!